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So I Pulled Out Some Nail Polish

And the boyfriend began to fake gag, whine and complain.
Him: Whyyyyyyyy?!
Me: What?
Him: THAT!
Me: The nail polish?
Him: *gag*
Me: Wha?
Him: I hate that smell.
Me: Oh I don't like it either but I don't mind it. Though eventually it gives me allergies and makes it hard to breathe.
Him: Why do you do these things?
Me: Because nail polish.
This was maybe 20 minutes ago, I just had to use my inhaler. I KNOW I KNOW. INB4 #doingstupidshitfor"beauty".
#nail polish #doing stupid things for beauty #random


Interesting. Not being terribly technically savvy, I’ve yet to install or activate any programmes to prevent Google from tracking my internet activity in order to customize the ads I see to my individual interests. I found this link in an article about privacy, and learned that based on my internet activity, Google assumes I am a male between the ages of 18 and 24 with an interest in business, anime, xbox, and, ironically- computer security.

So apparently, the only thing they were able to infer correctly is my age range.


Shopping - Apparel - Costumes (costumes? I don’t… what does it think of as costumes?)
Doesn’t say anything for age.
I’m disappoint Google, I’m constantly searching for health and medical things, as well as art, and web design tech stuff. Not to mention the handmade/crafting stuff!
#google ad preferences #what google thinks about me #random #google

30 Day Challenge -Likes and Dislikes

I didn’t get a chance to write yesterday as I was out of the house most of the day and despite installing the tumblr android app on my fabulous Samsung Captivate Galaxy S phone (sorry, I won’t do that again, but I really love my phone lol) I couldn’t figure out how to get it set up to my satisfaction, so… whatever.

Day 2 - 10 Likes and dislikes

This will actually be a little bit hard I think, as I can’t off the top of my head think of things I like or dislike in a list form. I’m not the sort of person that has a ton of things they automatically like or dislike and can list them off whenever asked. Sure there are things I love and things I hate, but they aren’t things that I am thinking about all the time. I find myself to generally be a neutral sort of person. I’m very bland I suppose. This also makes me think deeper, because I tend to overanalyze everything. So do I just list out random, generic superficial shit that I like/dislike or do I go deeper into explaining why I feel that way towards things? Honestly, how deep do you go? Say I list that I like music (who doesn’t? o.O), should I list what KIND of music/artists or just leave it at “music”? See what I mean???

I’ll try anyway! First things that come to mind off the top of my head:


  • Music -told you
  • Reading
  • Art
  • Beaches
  • Wind and Rain (that’s two, too bad, but they go together)
  • Not thinking about anything
  • Sleeping
  • Movies
  • Actually feeling happy about something for once
  • Being with the people I love

I suppose that wasn’t that hard, though I had to think longer than I would care to for 9 and 10.


  • Not enough time in the day
  • Not being able to stop thinking
  • Noises
  • Getting my daily routines/schedules interrupted
  • Surprises
  • Feeling like I’m being forced to do something least someone feel bad
  • Feeling ignored, unwanted, uncared for, unimportant
  • Not being able to think of creative things
  • Feeling unmotivated and unable to move and do things
  • Being afraid of everything

I did have trouble with the dislikes, it’s not things I think about all the time. I don’t particularly like to dwell on that type of thing. I’m writing this out but honestly part of me feels like this is a very generic, superficial question overall. There’s so much more to it than something that can be summarized in a list. I would hope that people are much more complex and detailed than this.

(Source: heckyeahtumblrchallenges)

#30daychallenge #likes #dislikes #writing #random

Good morning workout was good. I dunno, there’s something to be said about ending a work out dripping with sweat :p

I really need to keep track of how many cranes I’ve folded. Did three yesterday, two of which are a custom order for earrings, yay.

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