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Theme/Layout Change

Yep. Again.

This will be the third time I write this post. I don’t know, I can’t seem to get down what I want to say without rambling on and on about other things. That’s normal with me I guess. I changed my layout because although the other one was “fine”, the more I wanted to use tumblr for something other than just a place to post random things and follow/stalk my friends, the more I realized that tumblr has a ton of untapped potential and that it deserved better. I want to use it for more than just reblogging funny/cute things my friends post or replying to my friends’ rants because I’m too chicken to actually write out my own opinion. Yet, funny thing being that all this time I’ve gone around touting this tumblr to be more than just that, and it’s exactly what I’ve not been doing.

I changed my layout because I wanted something cleaner, nicer looking. More “professional” maybe? I spend a lot of time looking at blog layouts online and all those “top 20 best whathaveyou layouts/themes evar” posts, and damn it I want to be on one of those. Do I think this layout will get me there? No, not at all. But on a personal level it gets me closer to what I had in my head and what I actually wanted to achieve the first time around.

Honestly? I hated the purple-esque borders on the past layout, and how overall “pink” it seemed to me. I just kept thinking “ok, what’s this, you have ‘schooling’, you should be able to do better,” so I tried. I realize that ideally, to really get that “nice clean professional” look I should have gone for a white post background, or fairly white but I just realllllly didn’t want white. After looking through some of my favorite design inspirations (you can find some of them on my pinterest!) I decided on a beigy/sandy color instead, and I think it works well. I also decided that the background flowers, while pretty, were too striking and harsh and fighting with the content and that a background should be a background. Enhance the overall appearance but not dominate it. I’m still going with a cherry blossom/flower-esque background, but I decided to up the watercolor factor that I had tried to get in the last layout and didn’t quite reach and overall I feel like the general layout now speaks better of my design skills (I hope) and doesn’t compete with the purpose of this blog, that being the content.

I’m actually still using the purple-side frames, just re-purposed and recolored. I think they look much better now. Overall I didn’t change the layout structure, just moved the navigation around to actually make it real navigation and some other tweaks here and there. I admit the navigation itself gave me some trouble. I still can’t get the links to align evenly across most browsers. On Firefox they look perfect, and the links are nice and bolded, but on Chrome they appear thinner and the “photography” link is aligned a little too much to the right but I can’t figure out how to get it to sit where I want it without messing up the other links as well. Normally I’d just be using image links but I decided to go for text links cause of SEO and all that jazz. My boyfriend is a programmer/developer and I’ve tried getting him, to look at it but he just keeps saying “Idk” after suggesting stuff that doesn’t work and going back to playing games so I’m just going to leave it be for now since it seems to be ok for the most part.  If anyone has any suggestions I’ll take then, though I warn you that I’ve tried just about everything.

So, that’s that. Does it look better/valid? You can compare to the previous layout in my older “new tumblr layout” post here. I’m actually thinking of having this use my rising-eternity.net domain and just making this my permanent blog. Not sure though.

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