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Cranes y… en Puerto Rico no para de llover

Cranes folded so far today: 2, yes, just two. I’m doing so well, I know right? Let’s see if I can continue making jewelry today and take photos despite the rain, and the hay fever/allergy attack. Let’s see if I can manage it without taking something for the allergies, which will make me drowsy.

Ojala parara de llover ya. Ya casi espero que la piscina se desborde horita.

#lluvia #puerto rico #origami #cranes

Good morning workout was good. I dunno, there’s something to be said about ending a work out dripping with sweat :p

I really need to keep track of how many cranes I’ve folded. Did three yesterday, two of which are a custom order for earrings, yay.

#origami #cranes #paper cranes #origami cranes #workout #exercise #random