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How Do People Do This…?

I’ve been meaning to update that “About me” bit for a while now, since the second/previous layout back in November. I have no idea what to write. Does writing out an auto-biography (born, raised, education, family and medical history, favorite color, times you wake up and times you lie down, how many of my niece’s diaper’s I’ve changed,etc etc etc) actually tell anyone anything about who you are? Does it tell them about what makes you tick, and what brings you joy? I’m not questioning, I honestly don’t know. I don’t know what to write, and I love talking about myself. Part of me feels like you shouldn’t talk about yourself at all though. Even though the entire point of a blog is to talk about things related to… you. Yeah. I don’t even, I just don’t know.

Maybe the problem with telling others about who you are really lies in not knowing the answer to that entirely yourself. So, what do people write, what do people say? What do you all put for these kind of things?

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30 Day Challenge -Yourself

I was hoping to have my layout fixed and have pretty pictures and whatnot to go with this before doing it but whatever, might as well do it now instead of leaving it for later and never doing it. It will be good to write again regardless.

Day 1 - Write some basic things about yourself.

I’ve spent the last hour writing about myself only to realize that probably no one will read this and those that do read it won’t care to know that much about me at all. I’m reserved and quiet, I like to observe, but if there’s one thing I’m not reserved about is talking about myself. I don’t think I’m amazing, but I think I have an interesting story to tell for those that want to hear it. I like to hear others’ stories as well, for what it’s worth. So I sat here writing and then realized that I had written more than anyone would want to know. I saved it as a draft, maybe I’ll publish it some other time.

You want basic info though right, not my life story.

My name is Yelitza (yes it’s a weird name, no it’s not really that common), my middle name is María, which is quite the opposite and incredibly common. I’m 26, turn 27 in a little over a month. I am Puerto Rican/have lived here all my life. I am completely bilingual in Spanish and English. I live with my family for reasons I don’t care to go into. That said, it’s a very common thing here and not seen as weird at all, though it bothers me personally but moving on. I have a younger sister, and an identical twin. I was born premature and with that came a host of medical problems. I have had bad chronic asthma all my life, and I also suffer from depression and severe anxiety and all that comes with. I feel like I am a mess, and a failure, but we won’t go into that. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Arts. I make the distinction between just plain “Arts” and “Design” because there is a difference, so far as I understand it anyway. I went to college in the early 2000s and for whatever reason, using digital media just wasn’t all that big, many things were still done the old way, so that’s what I learned. I’m trained in printmaking mostly. I feel like my entire college life was a waste seeing as how the majority of the courses and things I learned are not used anymore in the industry and knowing those things means shit to employers. Regardless, I taught myself the rest of what I needed to know. More or less. I’m actually very into web design and am trying to teach myself that a bit more than what I do know (which isn’t much as you can see from my layout, I know basics but I’m lacking fundamental elements of web design knowledge). All that aside, I am very much an “artist”. I tried getting a Masters of Art in Illustration but failed (first day, one class, walked out). I’m still somehow trying to earn a living out of art, it’s not going so well. In the mean time, I make graphic designs to be placed on shirts, stickers, etc as well as design handmade jewelry and accessories and whatnot. I actually hope to establish a brand, weird as that may sound, where I can just kinda have all my shit jumbled together in there somehow. Clothing, fashion, jewelry, accessories, purses, shoes, notebooks, art prints, everything. In short, I just want to design, create, produce and spread happiness (or not, I’m very depressed so maybe I can spread support and comfort in having people know I know how they feel regardless as well) in the form of art to everyone I know. Ambitious maybe, but I’m not very sane I don’t think.

Those are the basics, I left out a lot of other shit, that I’m sure no one wants to know about and I’m sure no one wants to know any of THIS either and I doubt it will be read. I say this hoping that it WILL be read, but I am unfortunately an incurable pessimist and while I may hope for good things I don’t expect them.

You know what all really describes me? I’m chaos. I am a chaotic mess.

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